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Quantal Research Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, scientific, educational organization. All donations go to support our ongoing research to contribute to advancements in energy technology.

A message from our fundraising coordinators:

Hello, my name is Maria Rocco and I am the volunteer Fundraising Coordinator at Quantal Research. No one doubts that it is absolutely crucial to take action to achieve carbon neutrality in order to arrest the degradation of the environment and thereby preserve our planet and our health; thus, inaction is no longer an option. Quantal Research is working to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by researching clean, safe, and affordable energy to heat and power your home. I contribute financially to Quantal Research. Please help us advance this important research by making a tax-deductible donation or by volunteering your time. Thank you so much.

Maria Rocco

Fundraising Coordinator,

Quantal Research works for goals I value—the betterment of the planet and all its inhabitants. Striving to pinpoint and prove the principles of energy generation heretofore untapped and unexplained, Quantal Research has the opportunity to make a difference. I give to Quantal Research so that needed equipment can be made available and the vision of part-time volunteers changing to full-time technical staff can be realized. Please join me in advancing the work of Quantal Research.

Jennifer Paris

Quantal Volunteer since 2005,

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If you prefer, you may make a check payable to Quantal Research Inc. and send it to:

Quantal Research Inc.
P.O. Box 3589
Amherst, MA 01004-3589

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Messages from Our Donors

I learned about Quantal Research from a co-worker and was excited about this all-volunteers non-profit organization investigating ways to contribute to energy independence. After visiting your website and speaking to one of the volunteers, I discovered how dedicated you are to finding safe and clean sources of energy and decided to make contributions on a regular basis. I am enthused and encouraged to know that the Quantal Research team consists of committed and responsible people who are passionate about creating ‘solutions for a more peaceful, ethical and clean world’.

Joleen DuBois

Each year we decide as a family which organization we will make a charitable contribution to. Choosing Quantal Research was easy. Together we discussed the importance of sustaining the environment by using renewable sources of energy. We all agree that we need to look forward to a time when we are not dependent upon oil for our energy needs. Quantal Research is a forward looking organization that has the well being of humanity and the environment at its core focus. Now is the time to find a clean alternative source of energy. We support Quantal Research because it is working hard to meet that goal. In the kids words, “Yes, let’s do it!”

Bailey-Levine Family

I care about our energetic future. Oil is a limited resource that will be around for a few more decades. As the earth population grows and the middle class expands in developing countries, energy demand will surge beyond our production capacity. We need to develop clean and efficient ways to make energy for everyone. This is why I support an organization like Quantal Research which is pushing the boundaries of research for clean and low-cost alternative energy.

Simon Letarte

I love being a volunteer for Quantal Research. I am very excited to see the new technology the research team is developing to help save our Earth and to reduce our energy expenses. I have been researching the costs of current energy sources we use in our homes, cars, and communities. All the money that now leaves our communities to pay for energy could be spent in our local areas, on the clean, affordable, sustainable energy sources that Quantal is on the cutting edge of investigating. I’m thrilled to be a part of it and support it in any way that I can.

Susan Carlin

Quantal Research research and application holds the potential to release us from the bonds of carbon-based products upon which we as a society rely so heavily for most of our energy needs. We will no longer be dependent upon oil, coal, and natural gas for our electricity, heating and transportation needs. My particular concerns are twofold: the degradation of our natural environment – an ever-present fact which can no longer be avoided or denied; and the wanton destruction of human life as well as natural resources which accompany the stupendous wasted effort of war and military supremacy in the service of guaranteeing the ever scarcer natural resources which we are choosing to depend upon for our present energy needs. Thus, I support Quantal Research’s effort not only with words but with monetary donations.

Catherine Lindley